Sargam Industries.

Exports to more than 10 countries

Join us on a journey that transcends borders, as we contribute to the growth and success of businesses across 10+ nations through our exceptional partnerships with clients for selective silver plating processes. From the USA to Japan and Sweden to Malaysia, Sargam has successfully served as a partner to companies with diverse cultures, expectations, and benchmarks. We have been selected after rigorous audits of our facilities, processes, capabilities, and risks.

Global Exports – Unique aspects you must know!

Proven Track Record
Since 2013, Sargam Industries has led the way in exporting selective plating components, embodying years of industry experience and excellence.
As a trusted Low-Cost Country (LCC) partner for more than 30 export customers, Sargam has built its reputation for reliability and quality on the international stage.
Green Channel Supplier
Sargam’s direct-to-line exports streamline operations, ensuring efficient deliveries and reduced lead times for optimal client satisfaction.
Continual Growth
With an export portfolio of repeat business and expanding projects from export clients, Sargam Industries has successfully nurtured years of partnerships.
Efficient Inventory Management
Sargam is probably the only exporter from India to offer comprehensive inventory management for critical components (machined and castings). Sargam empowers customers with enhanced control and convenience by delivering accurate selective plating on large casting on time and on budget.
Diverse Clientele
Serving OEMs and end-users alike, Sargam’s export clientele spans a diverse spectrum of industries, underlining its versatility and adaptability. We team up and actively collaborate for R&D support, trials, and other developmental efforts.
Comprehensive Compliance
From environmental standards to safety protocols, right up to meeting country-specific packaging requirements, Sargam ensures full compliance at every stage, guaranteeing a holistic and responsible approach to global sourcing and value chain.

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