Sargam Industries.

Selective Silver Plating

Sargam industries has over four decades of experience in providing high quality selective silver plating. The highly skilled team at Sargam provides speedy and precise selective silver plating which reduces the need for machining and quickly repairs key components. Applications covered under Sargam’s selective plating services include Aluminum castings & forgings, Long GIB conductors, ID & OD plating

Silver Plating offerings

Aluminum castings & forgings

Long GIB conductors

ID & OD plating

Silver is an extremely ductile metal and has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity of all metals. The excellent high-temperature lubricity of silver makes it an excellent coating material for anti seizing and antigalling applications. 99.9% pure matte silver also offers excellent wire bonding for circuit applications and has good solderability. While being a more economical alternative to gold plating, silver plating also helps improve corrosion resistance of plated metals.