Sargam Industries.

Our Capabilities

We believe in putting people first. Our people are using their unique perspectives and backgrounds to find new ways to solve challenges and exceed customer expectations in an environment of inclusion.

Design engineering

Dedicated Team of 15 Engineers

Dedicated Team of 15 Engineers

Dedicated Team of 15 Engineers

Manufacturing Capabilities

Processes controlled by Timers, Hooters, Ampere Meters, Temperature Controllers etc.

Fully automated and PLC based lines avoid human intervention

Large tank size of 1200 x 600 x 610 mm accommodate large sized components


Quality Assurance

Chemical Analysis for maintaining standard baths

Ageing Test (Non-destructive)

Beta Scope by Fischer (Non-destructive)

XRF by Fischer (Non-destructive)

Thickness Test (Destructive)

Adhesion Test (Steel rod)

Tape Test for adhesion


Silver plating costs can fluctuate significantly depending on the order

Before finalizing the cost of silver plating, it’s essential to

Fortunate and Grateful

Sargam Electroplaters , Lead by Lokesh , Devesh & now