Sargam Industries.

Tin Plating

Sargam industries has over four decades of experience and expertise in providing tin plating services for a wide range of applications. Backed by advanced technology and infrastructure, we provide tin plating in line with the relevant international standards for domestic as well as global clients. Our tin plating services include: Matt Tin, Bright Tin, Tin and silver plating combination on one component

Tin Plating offerings

Matt Tin

Bright Tin

Tin and silver plating combination on one component

Tin is a highly corrosion resistant and non-toxic deposit. It is used in sectors such as food processing, shipping, and electronics industry to plate connectors, semiconductors, and other components. Tin also offers good solderability, excellent heat conductivity, and lubricity. Tin coating serves to protect the base metal from oxidizing, making it an active soldering surface.