Sargam Industries.

Addressing environmental safety in electroplating – Sargam Industries leads by example

Sargam Industries has always proactively implemented environmentally responsible electroplating processes. The installation of Zero Liquid Discharge Plant at Sargam’s Nashik unit is another such milestone. The ZLD Plant with a capacity to filter 250 Litres Per Day now ensures that 100% the water that is being used in the manufacturing process is being recycled and reused.

The problem

Wastewater from electroplating process is generated from surface plating operations as well as processes such as washing, rinsing and batch dumps. It has low pH levels between 3-5 and contains a number of metals in soluble forms. These metals are first made insoluble and then removed using coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation process.

Sargam sets the example by achieving zero liquid discharge
Advanced technology, automation and stringent process controls at Sargam work to reduce harmful properties in the effluent.

  • The wastewater is first passed through powerful RO filters to remove all the solid impurities as well as hazardous metals dissolved in the water.
  • While this process purifies most of the wastewater, the water rejected in the RO process is put through Zero Liquid Discharge Plant which delivers evaporation for more efficient filtration.

The RO filters combined with Zero Liquid Discharge plant yields purified reusable water and solid cakes of metal salts. The purified water is then reused in various processes, and salt cakes are taken up by government approved recycling agencies.

The entire wastewater generated at Sargam Industries is treated in accordance as per the highest environmental norms.