Sargam Industries.

Electroplating near me – Partner with a supplier who has already passed the toughest tests?

Electroplating near me?

Sargam is committed to continuous improvements. And it shows in the higher scores that we get every year for numerous customer audits.

Sargam’s facilities are approved by 15 global client audits in the last 4 years.

From assessing the materials used, manufacturing process to disposal of waste materials, and the overall operation of the facility – Sargam’s electroplating facilities have passed numerous rigorous audits by diverse customers from different industries.

German, Swiss, US, and leading Indian and global suppliers based here have visited, studied and approved our facilities.

Electroplating near me Here’s what we do…


RUNNING a fully traceable quality management system (QMS) including maintaining accurate records of the process, regular monitoring and testing, and extensive employee training on the appropriate procedures and safety protocols.

CONDUCTED regular internal audits of the process and facilities to identify any issues or areas for improvement.

UPDATED with the latest industry standards and regulations, both local and global laws.

DOCUMENTED – Accurate records of all process and procedures, and ensure that all employees are familiar with the procedures and adherence.

The improvements have taken us years to achieve. But what you can achieve, and very quickly, is great return on all the hard work we have done, so far.

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