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Metal plating – how to reduce the costs

The costs of precious metal plating (silver) for really small sized components are not understood well.

Normally, it is believed that such components must be plated entirely, irrespective of the actual contact area that is required for the function. The option of selective plating is ruled out in most cases.

But when volumes are high, say, several hundred thousand components every month, the potential cost savings could add to be significant.

Of course, the opportunity to save on cost of silver is difficult to harness. But Sargam has made it possible.

In the last year alone, we have helped a client to save over INR 1 Crore in material (silver) costs. The component, of the size of the finger, required plating for very small actual contact area. We could deliver the massive savings with innovations in processes, automation and commitment to quality.

If you see potential opportunities to save on precious metal costs in plating, don’t even waste a minute. Contact us now. Your next big savings idea could be waiting with us!