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Metal Plating – Safe and damage-free?

Large-sized components can be heavy and difficult to handle during precious metal plating. This can make it challenging to position the component properly for plating, and it can also increase the risk of damage during the plating process. The people working with such components are also susceptible to the risks during handling.

Uneven plating of large-sized components due to complex shapes and geometries is another challenge. This can lead to variations in thickness and quality of the silver plating, which can affect the component’s performance.

As a result, several manufacturers consider it safe to plate the entire component, adding significant costs. But Sargam has proven it otherwise.

For instance, one of our client was very cautious to outsource their selective silver plating requirement. Most vendors evaluated by the client did not have a satisfactory record on the safety and quality front. The component to be plated was running in meters and the plating area relatively small (<1% of the total component area). Handling, and successful plating posed several risks to people and the component. Storage, packaging, shipping were other concerns.

It is true for many other customers, who require plating of large components such as castings, bus bars, long conductors etc.

Sargam has developed specialised handling tools for such specific requirements. The tools, training along with safety practices in our facility have been audited and approved by several leading global customers. An impeccable safety record, maintained consistently over the years has made Sargam more trustworthy. – accident free and damage free

We are making selective plating safe and reliable, no matter what is the size of the component. The cost savings are immense for each component, giving our customers a competitive edge.

And if you are reading until here, you’ve had a great beginning.

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