Sargam Industries.

Barrel Electroplating Service in India

Sargam Industries offers affordable plating services. Sargam do barrel electroplating, a process for coating many small with high volume metal parts at once. We use automated and PLC-controlled plants for our metal plating services. This ensures precision for clients with specific plating needs and strict testing requirements.

Barrel Electroplating Process

We’re skilled in selective plating. We can do precious metal plating in barrels, like silver, copper, and Electroless nickel plating, for different uses.

The barreling process we employ involves placing the items in a nonconductive, rotating barrel-shaped cage. This cage is submerged in a chemical solution tank, and a gentle tumbling action commences the plating process. The individual pieces establish a bipolar contact with one another, resulting in greater plating efficiency. It’s important to know that barrel electroplating isn’t great for super finishing. This is because the parts touch each other a lot during the process.

Barrel Electroplating Equipment 

Sargam Industries specializes in high and medium electroplating, which yields improved deposit distribution. This process is crucial for making surfaces resistant to corrosion. It’s also used for applying high-tech conductive plating, which makes surfaces easy to solder and bond

Two prevalent types of barrel plating are horizontal barrel plating and oblique. Horizontal barrels are commonly use due to their capacity for managing larger volumes and a broader range of workloads.

In addition to standard options, we provide portable barrel and miniature barrels for enhanced flexibility. Oblique barrel plating has a more open design. It tumbles gently, which is better for delicate and smaller loads.

Benefits & Advantages of Barrel Electroplating

Sargam Industries has many advantages. They can plate large volumes, which saves money and time for clients.

1. High volume processing:

Barrel electroplating allows for a large volume of smaller parts to be plated simultaneously, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

2. Greater efficiency:

The plating process, including cleaning, rinsing, pickling, and sealing, happens in one vessel. This means less work and better efficiency overall.

3. Uniform finish:

When the barrel rotates, it tumbles the parts inside. They touch each other, making the finish more even. This is different from rack plating.

4. Wide range of parts:

A wide variety of parts can be processed using the same barrel plating equipment. As long as a part can fit into the barrel, it is likely capable of being barrel plated.

5. Cost-effective:

Our systems generally require a lower equipment investment than other plating systems, which can result in a reduced cost for plating services. Most barrel plating processes can be executed with standard equipment without the need for special fixtures, part carriers, or agitation equipment.

Barrel electroplating systems need less expensive equipment than other systems. This means plating services cost less for customers.

Operational Line

At Sargam Industries, custom design and build custom barrel plating equipment to save our customers money and guarantee predictable plating results. So, we can handle small prototype volumes with small plating barrels. We can also do large production jobs with barrels that are a couple of feet long.

Sargam also offers warehousing services for select clients. This includes quality control from third-party suppliers, precious metal plating at Sargam, and dispatch to another supplier or direct to line at the customer end. This enables the clients to save on time, reduce hassles and complexity in manufacturing, and reduce in-process WIP.

If you require barrel electroplating for your applications, contact us. Experience our superior barrel electroplating consulting services. Our metal finishing expertise, we can meet all of your electroplating needs. Request a free plating quote today!