Sargam Industries.

Passion & Dedication

In the heartland of industrial vigor and relentless innovation, stands the stalwart testament of resilience and dedication, Sargam Industries. As this eminent electroplating company celebrates its 45th anniversary, I find myself drawn into the labyrinth of memories, reflecting on the profound impressions it has etched on my life.

My mind transports me back to my first encounter with the founder, the man we affectionately called Babuji.

A person of charismatic persona, Babuji’s aura was like a magnet, drawing us into his world of wisdom and knowledge.

He was more than a successful businessman; he was a mentor and a guide. His stories, woven with rich experiences and lessons, have left an indelible mark on my professional journey.

But Sargam Industries was never a one-man show. It was, and still is, a beautiful blend of diverse personalities. Babuji’s son, Lokesh, mirrored his father’s charisma but added a dash of flamboyance. His handsome features, fitness, and love for theatre always struck a chord with my aspirations. Every conversation with him was a revelation, uncovering facets of business acumen blended with a vibrant lifestyle.

On the other hand, Devesh, Lokesh’s brother, is the calm amidst the storm. His soft-spoken demeanor belies a fierce commitment and steadfastness that’s hard to miss. His thoughtful insights and unwavering dedication have been a guiding beacon, adding another layer to my learning experience.

The strength of Sargam Industries doesn’t end with the men of the Shevade family. It transcends to the women who add their unique strengths to the legacy. Lokesh’s daughter, Snigdha, is a whirlwind of energy. A bundle of multitalented dynamism, she balances her passions for dance, music, and literature while brilliantly leading the ever-expanding business. Supported by her husband, Kedar, Snigdha has seamlessly taken the reins, ushering in a new era for Sargam Industries.

The Shevade family’s association with TLC over the last 15 years has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their contributions, rooted in hard work and a shared vision, have immensely enriched our journey.

As Sargam Industries celebrates 45 years of business excellence, the legacy of Babuji and his family is a testament to their unwavering commitment, unparalleled wisdom, and dynamic leadership. My association with them, filled with cherished memories and invaluable lessons, remains one of the most treasured chapters of my life. Here’s to Sargam Industries and the remarkable Shevade family, whose passion and dedication continue to inspire us all.

– Rajendra Bagwe

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