Sargam Industries.

“SARGAM” The Place of Pride

My journey started in 15th June 2009 with SARGAM as a Lab chemist.

In a short period of time I was a part of Sargam as if I may be working there for a long period. I was fortunate enough to be the part of this organization. The organization’s united efforts have impressed me greatly. The benefits that I achieved after working here is above the monetary terms I received. I have received more positive feedback and recognition here than anywhere else in my life.

Organization Head “Devesh Sir” was never as boss but a father who always care for his child and always thought to learn from your mistakes and do something much better than before. His smiling face is always remembered and the boss who always took a round in the morning and entered my cabin just enquire about my personal and official things. Due to his loving nature I never had a bossing fear to enter in his cabin and express my views and new ideas in front of him and the team.

His ability to listen to the people understand them and come with a better solutions is incredible and impressive. I am proud that I have spent so many year in his parasol which gave me a new perspective to view my problems and solve them. which will help me to build my bright future.

“Snigdha Madam” whom I never said Madam but always called her by name I don’t know why but she also did not have any issue with it may be I was elder to her and always behave as an elder sister and friend. My friend always took my views positively and stood beside me whenever I needed her as a friend. She was the person who taught me what ISO was and how to face Audits so smartly.

I always remember he word to praise me as “Super Women” which made me proud of myself and motivated to do much better things in my life.

– Pravina Rane

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